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It Is All About the Super Drama the Cape

The “Empire” creator and producer Thomas Wheeler with the executive producer/director Simon West (“con air”) are producing a super drama series the cape. This super drama will be in air very soon in NBC television network. The drama series is full of suspense and thrills. It is starring David Lyons as a main role who is famous for his acting talent in “ER” with Jennifer Ferrin (actress of “life in mars”) with other star cast in the list. The main character of the drama is Vince Faraday who is an honest cop in a metropolis city Palm City. Jennifer Ferrin is acting as Vince’s wife named Dana Faraday and Ryan Wynott (Flash forward) is casting as Vince’s son Trip Faraday.

It’s a fictional story with full of drama. The plot shows an honest cop who finds himself in a corrupt police force and has been framed for a serial murder case. He is thus presumed to be dead. As a result to get rid of this corrupt force, he is forced to hide with the help of a ringleader, the role of whom is acted by Keith David. It is David who trained him to be the cape to fight against all these crimes. To reunite and save his family, Vince takes a mask of a favorite comic book character of his son known as the cape and plans to take the law in his hand. Vince gets help from Orwell acted by Summer Glau (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) who is a investigative blogger and together they wage a war against the corruption in the Palm City.

So viewers, you just need to wait for few more days to witness this super drama the cape which will take your breath away because of its suspense thrilling climax and super duper acting by the famous actors.

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