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Becoming a Notary Public In 3 Easy Steps

The role of Notary Publics stretches back further into history than most people think. Notary Publics first rose to prominence during the 14th century and were typically chosen either by the Pope, or the Archbishop of Canterbury should urgency dictate. Notaries of this period were expected to be fluent in foreign languages, as well as being well versed in the practice of law.

Nowadays, becoming a notary is a little less political in nature and notaries, at least in the US, are not required to know additional languages and do not necessarily practice law. Notary publics in the U.S. serve as witness to document signings and administer oaths. While there is a course of study a prospective notary must follow, and there is a testing and application process, becoming a notary public is relatively easy.

For those who are interested in becoming a notary public, there are three steps to follow:

The first step is to complete the necessary coursework. Again, the material is not difficult and is well within the reach of most students. You may either take courses in a classroom setting with an instructor, or online. Note, if you feel you learn better in a group it pays to attend a formal class. If you are comfortable with self-study, then the convenience of an online class is tough to beat notary public west lake hills.

Second, once you have passed your pre-licensing class you will then submit an application with the Secretary of State. Basic information is needed such as your name, address, residence history, and other contact info. You will also answer questions regarding any previous notary commissions you might have held, any pending litigations you are a party to, or any bankruptcy proceedings that you may have been involved in.

Also, applicants are required to pay an application fee to the commissioning authority, though the amount and the commissioning authority vary from state to state.

Finally, once the application has been processed other simple requirements have been met, like obtaining a small notary bond, applicants take an oath of office, which is filed with a county clerks office in the county that the notary intends to spend the majority of their time operating.

Becoming a notary public is an honorable, and potentially profitable, role to aspire to. While I am a Folsom Notary Public who is commissioned and bonded in California, the basic information presented here will apply to the prospective notary in almost every state. There is much more to succeeding in the profession than is listed here, but by following these basic steps you will be well on your way.

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